Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Barcelona - probably the first of several

Gaudi + buildings = Barcelona = Magnificence
As anyone who spent time with us anytime in the three or four months beforehand knew (and was sick of hearing),  we spent Easter 2011 in the almost-impossible-to-over-hype capital of Catalonia, Barcelona.  A great city to visit anytime of the year (I'm guessing), but particularly charming in springtime.

We flew into Barcelona on the afternoon of Good Friday, and took a train into the city passing by fields of artichokes and agricultural pack-houses, and arriving to drizzle and disorientation at La Plaza de Cataluña.  We knew we were just off La Rambla (one of the major pedestrian areas and a tourist mecca), and we knew our hostel/hotel was just off La Rambla.  Unfortunately though, we didn't really know in which direction La Rambla was.