Thursday, 7 October 2010

Untapped markets in Aotearoa, part three: Federweiser

Ta da!
Take some freshly pressed grape juice, add some yeast, and what do you get?  Federweiser!

That's the entire cap you see on the bottle
Federweiser is a strictly seasonal tipple, produced only during vintage, and constant fermentation means the bottles can only be stored upright and with permeable caps.  Yeast on the nose, a fair whack of pear on the palette, and hints of flour to boot, and our bottle (at least) rocked in at 11% alcohol.  Regardless, the results are delicious.  Best eaten with Zweibelkuchen (literally onion cake), basically an unleavened pizza of onion, bacon, cream and caraway, but we've only drunk it from the bottle.

If one happened to be swimming in Gewurz grapes, it might not be a bad of ditching some methinks, it is a taste that'd definitely please the NZ market.  If one was to take a punt and try, I want some credit :p

PS Just in case you were wondering, part one was the old Pork Knuckle, part two being the donkey.

The only downside is that the drink is rather risiduarific

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