Sunday, 31 October 2010

'10: A Vintage Year for Pop Music

It feels like there must be an article in the media at least once a week predicting (or even lamenting) the death of the (pop) music industry, and in-between, the music press is stuffed full of impending reunions of once deservedly forgotten bands from the 1970s, 80s and 90s.  It would be easy then to assume that “Over is the new It”, to paraphrase Gary Trudeau, but the reality is that, in 2010 at least, there have been some very very good pieces of pop art released, and the year has yet just under a quarter to run. 


Strolling along the ancient boulevard
Day two of our first Italian trip was spent in Verona, made super famous by one Bill Shakespeare, but deserving of a grand reputation in its own right.  Some quick facts first,Verona has a population of something over 260 000 (more than 700 000 in the greater area), was founded sometime before 550 BCE, and now holds UNESCO World Heritage status.  Having such status used to really impress us, but like medieval churches, it doesn't seem quite as special when places with Heritage Status appear to be about a dime a dozen in our part of Europe.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

London calling

At the beginning of August we popped over to London for a long weekend to catch up with friends (and take in some of London, since neither of us have ever been before). Thanks to our wonderfully crazy (but marvelous) friends Dave and Ginny we didn't have to contend with public transport from Stansted Airport, but due to road works on the Blackpool tunnel, the trip took over an hour!


Three things I’ve learnt lately…

One: Punctuation is important

Monday, 18 October 2010

New Zealand is not a nanny-state...

..Or at the very least, we've got a whiles to go.  Don't believe me? Real questions from the theory test for a German driver’s license below the break.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Untapped markets in Aotearoa, part three: Federweiser

Ta da!
Take some freshly pressed grape juice, add some yeast, and what do you get?  Federweiser!

Venice, it's just like being in Pauanui...

See, just like Pauanui ('cause you know, canals and stuff)
As we head back to Bayreuth after any excursion, on the sometimes nice, sometimes run-down, train from Nürnberg to Bayreuth, sitting with a squirming Matilda (or beside Sara struggling with a squirming Matilda), I spend my thoughts on plotting my next blog post.  These intended posts are not only beautifully written, riotously funny and remarkably insightful, but they're written as soon as I get back to Bayreuth.  Clearly, the reality is somewhat different (just the one post in September?  So pathetic).