Monday, 6 September 2010

Taste Tests - Episode Two: The Equus Edition

Admittedly carpaccio is a wonderful dish, but where's the challenge?
In Verona, when treated to the generosity of winemakers (many, many, many thanks again Alana and Matt), less adventurous people dine on duck and carpaccio of beef.  I, on the other hand, prefer to engage in more educational type pursuits...

...D is for Donkey, which is Delicious with pasta....

Just in case you're wondering, the pasta is bigoli
 ...and H is for Horse - Healthy, Hearty and Honesty tasty!

Horse Tartar in unfettered glory
Both dishes were really good, although (and I blame having to juggle beer and several glasses of wine at the same time) the tartar would have been even better if I'd added Parmesan and olive oil to the mix, in addition to the lemon, capers, mustard and seasoning.  We finished the meal with some drunken cheese, reminiscent of Parmesan (its actual name I've no idea), the perfect end to an evening of great food and better company. 
The "drunk" cheese, spiked with wine, is in the foreground, a sober version sulks in the background (but was actually the tastier if you ask me)

More on our (first) Italian trip coming soon.

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