Sunday, 22 August 2010


Ampfelmann again
I (Sara) have decided to make a start on this blog, because Nat doesn't know where to start. Understandable, because Berlin has been our favourite city so far, but I figured I'd make a go at it and he can finish up - now that it is all finished, you get to play who wrote what.  Oh what fun!

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Girls' trip to Dresden

Manhole covers - The "Dresden"
I have to write this blog since Nat didn't come to Dresden with us.  Back in July, the Under 20's Womens Football World Cup was held in Germany. Since NZ made the cut, and a friend was the assistant couch, naturally a trip was in order. Matilda and I travelled up to Dresden with our Bayreuth friend Jeanne and her 2 kids and met up with Paul's (assistant couch) Mum and Catherine, who had come over from the UK. 

Beautiful Bayreuth - Part Two of Two

Through the rock gardens
It took a while to get going on the Sunday following the Eremitage festival.  Our sluggishness was, in part, due to our relatively late night, which created a very sleepy daughter, but also because the day had one of those lazy day feels to it.  So, despite initial plans to get going much earlier, we headed west of Bayreuth in the late morning to the Margravial rock gardens of Sanspareil.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Beautiful Bayreuth - Part One of Two

We had a blast over the weekend, courtesy of a visit by our friends Nikolai and Carla, currently based in the UK.  Blessed be their BMW 318d, which gave us an opportunity to get places we'd otherwise not got the Eremitage (which is actually eminently get-to-able).