Sunday, 6 June 2010

It's been a while, let's talk pork (briefly)...

...setting up in Bayreuth has proven an interesting exercise, not so much because it's been hard (because for the most part it hasn't), but just because the transition from being alone with little to no responsibility, to suddenly once again being a husband and a father has been a real shock to the system. That's my excuse anyway, and for now I'm sticking to it.

I plan to post a few things this week, but I thought I'd lead off with this, the answer to New Zealand Pork's problem of what to do with all them pigs legs:

Schwein Hax'n!

Above is a half portion of Schwein Hax'n, or pork knuckle (about 400 g worth), complete with the world's best crackling. It looks more appetising in real life, what with the potato salad (left) and the weisskraut (foreground) looking a little off, but trust me, with a litre of so of monk-brewed beer in your system, it is all good. Fundamentally, Hax'n are like lamb shanks, but from pigs, and they're typically slow roasted instead of stewed. Good, in very, very occasional doses, and I can't help but feel you could sell truck loads of them in NZ with only the smallest amount of sensible marketing.

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