Monday, 15 March 2010

Schwäbisch Hall

Two weeks in, and my blogging process has been not been the most frantic. Maybe I can blame it on the small town? Schwäbisch Hall is best described as quaint, in a good way, but it is sleepy, and I'll (for now) blame its sleepiness for my lack of motivation.

Monday, 8 March 2010


It's a beautiful thing....

(Taken from the window of my room)

On arrival (notes on Stuttgart)

Blog post number two...

Before I forget, Lufthansa? Not so bad actually. It helps if you're dead tired for sure, and being exhausted from too many movies on the first flight certainly ensured that (Fantastic Mr Fox - sehr gut, Up In the Air - es geht, and An Education - sehr gut). Notice the Deutsch in that last sentance? It's about all I'm up to (more on that in another post). The food on Air New Zealand is certainly better, and there's more leg room, but Lufthansa had one great saving grace, hot towels - oh how I loves 'em.